TempNet Member Benefits

If your business is exactly where you want it to be right now, TempNet can be a great source of continuing education and peer support for you and your staff.

If, like most business owners, you have frustrations or goals and needs that are not being met, TempNet can be the peer network you need to inspire your progress. Click on the titles below to find out more about each benefit topic.

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Networking and Referrals

TempNet members are known as leaders in their respective markets, are quality oriented and have a sharing attitude. Our non-competing market protection promotes a high level of valuable sharing. This nationwide network can become a source of new business, and keep you in touch with what is happening in the industry. Members keep in touch through 2 conferences each year and participate in a group e-mail list serve, sharing immediate concerns and needs.

Split Fee Program

TempNet members can share job orders and candidates to make direct hire placements. Our website allows you to post job orders and receive automatic notification when an order is posted. Cooperating with TempNet members increases your potential to place a recruit or assist a current client outside of your market.

Google Groups

TempNet owner members and TempNet manager members have a group e-mail address that is used to gain input from other members on issues of concern or to share common forms and documents. There are also user group lists for members using the same staffing software. Many members tell us that this instant feedback from other business owners is alone worth their membership cost!

Resource Center

Do you need to update your employee handbook? See what other TempNet members use in the Employee Handbook section. Do you need industry-specific job application forms, or a new idea for a sales promotion? Why spend your time creating a job description when you can borrow from people you trust? TempNet members contribute their resources, and the area is updated by member needs and requests. You will find all of this and a book lending library in the TempNet Resource Center!