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TempNet Survive

YOU are the best source TempNet has for qualified staffing firm membership leads! Look at your network of contacts - ASA, your state associations - anywhere you meet independent staffing firm owners. You know what makes a good TempNet member.

Our Objectives:

TempNet seeks the most professional, progressive, and strongest independent staffing service, in markets not covered by current members. We value confidential sharing of successful business practices and reliable referral resources. Our profile is of a strong, small business owner with 2-10 branch offices. We serve a wide variety of industries. Most of our members staff clerical and light industrial, and many specialties including hospitality, medical, accounting.

Membership Requirements:

  1. Must be in a non-competing market.
  2. Must have been in business a minimum of 2 years.
  3. Must have demonstrated leadership in community service and/or association volunteer work.
  4. Recommended minimum 3000 billable hours per week.
  5. Must be an active participant - attendance once a year at either of 2 meetings AND owner attendance at Annual Meeting once every other year is the minimum participation requirement.



Region One:

Albany, NY
Baltimore, MD
Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Forest, VA
Long Island, NY
Manchester, NH
Montreal, Canada
Newark, NY
New York City, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Scranton, PA
Washington, DC

Region Two:

Atlanta, GA
        Daytona Beach, FL
        Ft. Myers, FL
        Jacksonville, FL
        Naples, FL
        Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL
Tallahassee, FL


Region Three:

Boise City, IN

Chicago, IL

        Cleveland, OH
Des Moines, IA

Fort Wayne, IN

        Kansas City, MO
Kitchener Ontario Canada
Lansing, MI

Milwaukee, WI
Sioux Falls, SD

        St. Louis, MO
        Youngstown, OH

 Region Four:

     Bakersfield, CA
     Fresno, CA
     Las Vegas, NV
     Los Angeles, CA
     Mesa, AZ
     Modesto, CA
     Salt Lake City, UT
     Seattle, WA
     Tuscon, AZ
     Vancouver BC, Canada

Region Five:

     Arlington, TX    

     Birmingham, AL

     Chattanooga, TN

     El Paso, TX

     Ft. Worth, TX

     Houston, TX

     Johnson City/Kingsport TN

     Memphis, TN

     Nashville, TN
     Oklahoma City, OK

     San Antonio, TX
     Tulsa, OK




Your incentive?

Besides increasing the value of your membership with new ideas, and decreasing your costs with more members to "split the bill," there is a bonus involved! You can earn $300 cash or TempNet credit for a new staffing firm member or $150 for a new associate member that you recruit.

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