The Wayne Josephson Award for Participation

Each year TempNet awards the Wayne Josephson Award to the TempNet member who has participated most in the associations’ activities for the year.

In 1974 Wayne Josephson formed the Independent Temporary Services Association known as (ITSA). Wayne made it very clear that every ITSA member was to be involved and active or they would be dropped from ITSA membership and replaced. In the late 1980’s ITSA’s name changed to TempNet.

This award reminds members of the origin and strength of the organization. Active representation from every company is what keeps TempNet strong. Members find they learn and profit the most from their connections with like-minded strong business owners and key managers.

Winners of this award have contributed their time as committee volunteers, meeting hosts and speakers, and peer leaders. They’ve supported the organization by referring new members and working with our allied members. They make TempNet a company priority and resource.


Recent Award Winners

TempStaff 2023
Top Notch Personnel, Inc 2022
LC Staffing 2021
Job Store Staffing 2020
TempStaff 2019
LC Staffing 2018
Award Staffing 2017
TempStaff 2016
TempStaff 2015
Coastal Connections 2014
LC Staffing 2013
Arrow Staffing 2012
The Hughes Agency 2011
Personnel Preference 2010
Arrow Staffing 2009
TempStaff 2007