History of TempNet

According to Wayne Josephson, ITSA (Independent Temporary Services Association) was incorporated on January 11, 1977, and an organizational meeting was held on May 10, 1977. As the founder, he had spent ten years with Manpower and could discuss problems with those agencies, but missed being able to do that once he became an independent temporary. Out of necessity comes invention, and this invention was ITSA.

Wayne gave the following companies as charter members:

  • Long’s Temporary Services – Alabama
  • Landrum Temporary Services – Florida
  • Omaha Temporaries – Nebraska
  • Creative Temporaries Corporation – North Carolina
  • Sooner Temporary Services – Oklahoma
  • Tulsa Temporary Service, Inc. – Oklahoma

A February 20, 1977 article in The Sunday Oklahoman, stated that ITSA had members in 26 states and the idea of exclusive market areas was part of the original plan. Mrs. Patricia Estes Dick was the first director, serving for more than 10 years and running ITSA out of Sooner Temporary Services’ office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The fees charged to run ITSA back then were $500 per year.

The objectives in 1977 were similar to those of today. Members wanted to:

  1. establish a strong association of independent temporary services,
  2. provide a referral service for customers and employees between members, and
  3. restrict membership to one service in each market area. The roster printed in June 30, 1977, listed 33 owners in 35 metro areas.

Although the ITSA name accurately described the association, a new, more marketable name that projected a national image was needed. The name TempNet was chosen by a contest, from 400 submissions, and approved June 27, 1986.

When Wayne Josephson resigned in 1987, TempNet had grown to 106 owners and 155 market areas. As a result of his inspiration and enthusiasm, and due to the on-going leadership of members through the years, TempNet was established and has become the organization it is today.